Emma Bedsor

Brisbane Team Leader

Emma is a champion on and off the field, as Brisbane Team Leader at The Red Republic and as center-mid on the soccer field, she is a major goal kicker and that’s why we love her!

After graduating from Queensland’s University of Technology with a dual degree in business and creative industries, Emma harnessed her knowledge of digital marketing to pursue a portfolio of varied local and international clients over the last five years.

Emma prides herself on her ability to deliver strategic, creative and digital solutions to her clients, helping them to get better results, drive traffic and grow their business and she has certainly provided that and more working across key clients such as Suncorp, Manhattan Couture. Snap Fitness and Hi Smile.

With her skills in the digital realm and Google certification, Emma has broadened her skills At the Red Republic with heaps of experience in brand activations, events and publicity. 

Emma’s love of team sport translates into the office where she expresses a natural flair for leadership, and passion for her clients – never stopping until the job is done – or the game won.