Maria Nouneva

Account Executive

Maria has studied Media majoring in Public Relations and Advertising at The University of New South Wales.
A true international jetsetter, having lived in over 3 countries; Bulgaria, South Africa and Australia.
She spends her spare time soaking up the sun and eating crazy foods down South from Sydney.

Her passion for PR comes from a joy in creating relationships between brands and people. She loves to see her brands in the media and gets almost too excited every time. This one time she saw a Jelly Belly stand at a petrol station and she screamed so loud everyone stared for a good minute.

Maria is a hard worker and has juggled university, internships and a part-time job to get as much experience under her belt before setting off into the PR industry.

Her internship experience is well rounded having interned at Nicola Finetti, MGM Publicity, Vogue Australia and Ogilvy PR.

She believes that to be successful in life you need three things: perseverance, optimism and spontaneity.
The coolest fact about Maria┬áis that she has been bitten by a lion – true story!