Queensland Government: Queensland Week

In May 2013, the Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) appointed The Red Republic to manage the media relations activities for QW2013. This campaign relied on exceptionally quick turnaround, where human resources were allocated in a triage, prioritising storylines, talent and time to outlets with the highest reach.

qldgov_the_briefThe Brief

With just 15 working days until the Week commenced,
the Red Republic was tasked to:

  • Generate positive media coverage of the events, activities and entertainment that are part of the QW2013 program
  • Work closely with QW media partners, which included The Courier-Mail, Network Ten, B105, Triple M, ABC Local Radio and 612 ABC Brisbane and leverage upon these relationships to maximise exposure and opportunities
  • Facilitate media attendance at QW2013 events
  • Provide a comprehensive post-campaign report

Further to the extensive schedule of activities for state-wide participation, QW2013 saw a new event to the campaign – The Great QW2013 Adventure Trail, which had a goal of registered 150 teams.

The Results

As a result of a well executed publicity campaign based on a localised and targeted media approach,
The Red Republic was able to surpass expectation and reach more than 10 million impressions.

The campaign was a resounding success, raising the awareness and participation in Queensland Week state-wide. The campaign achieved $752,697 in Advertising Equivalent Value and $2,258,091.55 in PR value across 476 publications (inclusions of at least one key message in 100% of coverage).

The campaign secured solid coverage across Seven News, Nine News, Ten News, The Project and TODAY, The Courier Mail, Sunday Mail, mX, Bmag and Style, and key Brisbane radio channels. Although some of this coverage would have been obtained without the engagement of supporting resources, simply through the newsworthiness and relevance of the initiative, the Red Republic significantly increased the amount and scope of coverage, while allowing DPC to focus on complementary activities.

qldgov_the_resultsMedia and public attendance at key events was above expectation. For example, because of a mix of social and traditional media engagement, DPC reached full registration capacity for The Great QW2013 Adventure Trail, a new event.

The campaign also almost tripled the Facebook followers from 800 to 2,290 total fans in a one month period.