Suncorp Bank runPositive

The Brief

Suncorp Bank has sponsored Australian running events for over 10 years and wanted to extend the value of their sponsorships beyond a presence on event day and form more genuine relationships with participants. Research showed 66% of B2B participants knew Suncorp was a sponsor, but only 30% thought the sponsorship was genuine. Only 17% said the sponsorship showed Suncorp supported health and wellbeing and 25% that Suncorp supported the community.

What we did

To enhance the sincerity of Suncorp’s sponsorship we needed to:

  • Create a mechanism to support participants, listen to their stories and help them achieve their goals.
  • Create an opportunity to publicise Suncorp’s sponsorships and commitment to the health and wellbeing of the nation.

We created runPositive, a virtual community powered by Facebook, that runners could join to share stories, goals, fundraising pages and messages of support.

Using this platform, participants could also create a free personalised singlet with their inspirational reason for running on the front. All singlets included Suncorp Bank branding, reinforcing Suncorp’s genuine interest in health and wellbeing within the community.


How we did it

To amplify the three month campaign, we created Instagram and Twitter communities to further connect participants, allowing Suncorp to engage in two-way conversations. A runPositive blog profiled participants and provided weekly health and fitness information.

To drive participation we implemented targeted advertising (Facebook) and manual growth strategies (Instagram and Twitter) following and engaging people using event hashtags.

Why it worked

The virtual community gave us a database of passionate runners with great stories to tell. We were able to Identify participants who were fundraising and secured print and broadcast stories to help them get their message out there. The runPositive singlets provided media with an eye-catching visual, publicising the participants’ cause and Suncorp’s alignment to each event.


The Results

  • 4505 participants joined runPositive online and created a personalised singlet.
  • We profiled 154 participants in traditional media, bolstering fundraising efforts. As a result of the coverage, some participants were contacted by strangers wanting to donate.
  • The campaign reached over 3 million Australians via Facebook.
  • Over 4,000 people shared photos using the runPositive hashtag.
  • runPositive reached 4,816,090 Australians in NSW and QLD via traditional media
  • 96% of coverage included Suncorp branding reinforcing the brand alignment.

Post campaign research showed a great improvement in consumer perceptions about Suncorp Bank as an advocate for health and fitness. 79% of these said they agreed Suncorp actively supported health and wellbeing (62% up on 2012). 79% also agreed the sponsorship was evidence Suncorp supported the community (54% up on 2012).