Women’s Legal Service: Dancing CEOs

In Australia one in five women are exposed to domestic violence (DV) and one woman a week is killed by DV. Each year Women’s Legal Service (WLS) helps over 3,000 women but have to turn away more than 16,000 others due to resource constraints. Due to the prevalence of DV and the lack of awareness there is limited funding for front-line services such as WLS – to combat this issue WLS hosts the Dancing CEOs event annually to not only raise awareness of the issue, but also much needed funding.

The Brief 

DV is a significant issue in Australia which affects one in five women – chances are you know someone who has been affected. Indeed in the first part of 2015, 32 women have been killed by their partners. The severity of this issue compelled The Red Republic to support WLS by taking them on as a pro-bono client and helping them raise awareness of the Dancing CEOs event.

In order to raise significant awareness of WLS and their Dancing CEOs event, The Red Republic executed an integrated campaign, which focused on kick-starting a conversation about DV via social media and publicity. We called on Australians to support the Dancing CEOs event by launching the hashtag #danceagainstdv and by profiling six incredible CEOs, including our very own Fleur Madden, who trained and fundraised for months before braving the dance floor.


The Outcome 

Over a period of two months the Dancing CEOs event was featured heavily across radio, print and online media. Through extensive profiling of the fabulous Dancing CEOs we promoted the event and raised significant awareness of the prevalence of DV within Australia. During the short yet significant campaign The Red Republic achieved over $95,000 in PR value and reached over one million people via publicity and influencer engagement.


The Results

Thanks to the support of an amazing group of influencers, we successfully kick-started an online conversation about Dancing CEOs which called on Australians to raise awareness about the severity of DV by contributing to the hashtag #danceagainstdv. We were overwhelmed by the support of influencers and were touched by moving contributions to the hashtag

The cherry on top of this amazing campaign was our CEO, Fleur Madden’s commitment to the event. Fleur fundraised and rehearsed for months ahead of the event and blew us all away with her incredible and award-winning Dancing CEOs performance. Fleur took home the Judge’s Choice and People’s Choice awards and the event raised over $75, 000 for the women of Queensland.