Are you a flamingo in a flock of pigeons?

If you read at least 5 blogs a day, check news sites before you go to bed, check your social media before you get out of bed, write like a pro, thrive on connecting, have an amazing personality and know the latest digital trends, we’d like to hear from you. Too much to ask, we don’t think so!

So send us your resume and tell us exactly why you’d be a perfect fit at The Red Republic.
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Intern with us

If you’re clever enough to know this business is all about contacts, you also know the value of a good internship.

We believe in giving PR, digital and media students a foot in the door to see how a real agency works. There is no job too big or too small and if you weren’t doing it, we would be.

We offer a 12-week internship, one day a week, where students can learn everything they need to know about a career in PR.

You must be smart, well presented willing to get your hands dirty.

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