The Brief

All-Australian clothing manufacturer BlackMilk is a leader in alternative fashion, sporting distinctive pieces made commonly of latex and nylon. Looking to expand their brand into the likes of influencers and the further mainstream market, The Red Republic stepped in to grow their marque on the international industry by using an impressive influencer and product placement strategy. 

The Campaign

Our initial launch campaign combined product placement, profiling and traditional PR, expanding further into influencer outreach used to communicate the brand’s unique lexicon. Their outrageous new collection launches were backed by The Red Republic’s development of media assets communicating BlackMilk’s fun and playful nature, working hand in hand with building genuine relationships with leading international influencers that live and breathe the BlackMilk brand, and speak to the heart of their followers.


Within 6 months, BlackMilk Clothing has featured in major national publications with the likes of Girlfriend, Dolly and New Weekly. All the while constant influencer seeding was achieved with results that produced engaging and dedicated customers.

With a committed group of over 30 influencers worldwide, The Red Republic’s influencer outreach strategy produced over 90 posts and generated over 650,000 likes on BlackMilk Clothing-focused posts.


likes on BlackMilk focused posts.

30 influencers

committed worldwide

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