The cruise category suffers from a number of misunderstandings: in particular, creating a little click-bait for shock and awe value amongst mainstream media. Serious topics were being flippantly exaggerated. But we knew – and saw through vibrant social communities – that customers were outraged and starting to defend the brand they loved. Our goal was to amplify this positive brand sentiment and reduce negative coverage in the media.


The heart-warming campaign aimed to advocate for one of the cruises most-loved assets: the crew. By filming genuine customer feedback, and the crew’s reaction to it, we were able to shift the public narrative around cruises. Since launching the campaign, there has been a significant reduction in negative coverage, allowing Carnival Cruise Lines to focus on the constant stream of positive news stories.

From Q1 to Q4, Negative media sentiment decreased from 76% to 28%

2.23 // minute video

Positive media sentiment grew by 17% to 46%

10 // second short-clips for social sharing

Social media results were exceptional driving over 1.8m reach with existing cruise lovers

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