Brendan Keevers
Head of Performance Media

A data-driven, digital expert with skills across all things marketing in the digital space. Brendan has worked in the industry from a ground-up background for over 15 years.

From animation to hand-painted signs, to web coding and stereolithography (yes it’s a thing!), a full suite of skills all comes together when tracing digital mediums and delivering results no matter what the sector. Brendan is driven by a thirst for knowledge in business and marketing and sees success in aiding his clients reach their goals.

Brendan has worked on brands such as University of Melbourne, NSW Government, Wallace Bishop, Tradelink, Melbourne Airport, HiSmile Teeth, Lahana Swim, Gold Coast City Council, Navitas, Widespan Sheds, The Mad Hueys, Morlife, Muscle Nation and many more.

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15 Years of Fame