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Brooke Whitney
Senior Account Manager

When Brooke started her career in a radio newsroom, Kevin 07 was on the campaign trail and Facebook had begun its world domination.

Brooke is a vivacious storyteller and loves building brand loyalty through emotive and thought provoking campaigns. Having worked previously as journalist and once owning a PR company, Brooke knows how to write captivating copy and believes in telling your story in a way that turns readers into ambassadors for your brand.

Brooke is a huge advocate for ‘passion projects’ and thrives when working with people who are passionate about what they do. Brooke has had her campaigns receive national and international exposure, from baby flashmobs on Southbank beach to placing a shelter pet in the Big Brother to promote pet adoption, Brooke believes in dreaming big and executing BIGGER.

Prior to her role at The Pineapple Republic, Brooke created a boutique agency called Pineapple PR with Co-Director Kat Orchard. After three years in operation, Pineapple PR merged with The Red Republic in 2017.

Brooke is a bubbly and fun country gal at heart is excited to marry a man in October that supports her obsession with adopting just about every pet in need, (she currently owns four dogs). Brooke can always be counted on for a ‘fun fact’ and is quite partial to a fine wine.

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