In 2016, Carnival Cruise Line Australia asked us to create a campaign that targeted parents looking to reconnect and relax on a holiday without the kids.


Back for it’s 3rd year in a row, in 2019 we refreshed the campaign with an added insight – a Honeyboom cruise is a great chance to reconnect not just with your partner, but also with your friends.

After years of weekend sport, school drop offs and kids birthday parties now is the chance to reinvest in the relationships that were put to the side.

To communicate this human insight we wanted our content to focus on a real story. So, we found a couple who had sailed with Carnival before and invited them to surprise their friends onboard a cruise. And we made sure we were there to film the results!

The campaign rollout included a 15 second teaser video that drove people to the Carnival website to  watch the 60 second hero. These were also supported by testimonial videos and a retail layer to drive bookings.

‘Honeyboomers’ has resonated so strongly with the audience, that Carnival has trademarked the name and made it the new sub brand for its communication and retail offers to older couples

The campaign delivered an immediate off-peak season sales uplift – double that of school holidays and achieved for the first time ever.

The PR effort achieved strong results with 66 domestic features delivering over 20M opportunities to see (OTS) and international coverage providing 23 17M OTS.

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