Owning a fashion label is no piece of cake and establishing your distinct presence in the highly competitive fashion industry can be challenging. This is when the power of PR comes into the equation! Securing the perfect product placement can sell out an item for the season or it can help land that first appointment with a retailer. It is also essential to grow with emerging trends and technology, especially when it comes to social media, as this is where you can speak directly to your specific target market.


Here are some of my top PR tips for fashion brands and budding publicists:


  1. Research and Plan Ahead

Product placement is important in building credibility for your brand, and getting your brand in front of as many eyes as possible. Do some research on what the major fashion publications are forward planning for and how far in advance they are working. Knowing their publishing calendars is important as many fashion magazines can be planning up to six months in advance. If you wait until summer to pitch summer-wear, the opportunity is already lost.


  1. Collaborate with Influencers

Adapting to the ever-changing social media realm is how many brands have generated success today. Social media influencers can showcase your brand to a broader audience and boost visibility. Fashion bloggers and top-tier ambassadors can help by showcasing styling tips, incorporating pieces from your brand.  For the most successful outcome, it is essential that you carefully select influencers with a great following and who will speak directly to your target audience.


  1. blackmilkBe Consistent

There are times when your brand will not fit within any foreseeable shoots or product placement pages within a publication. Ensuring that you constantly reach out to the media with all new arrivals or new collections will give you the best possible chance at finally cracking a publication and get that long awaited placement!

Note: Patience is a virtue.


  1. Get Creative and Stay Fresh

Set yourself apart from the rest and come up with creative and impressive campaign images. It is so crucial to capture the attention of media through innovative and distinct campaign shots that unveil your latest collection. Using a topical model or a collaboration with a like-minded brand will also help to grab media attention. Some publications even publish full campaign galleries – if it is impressive enough, it may even land you a feature!




  1. Show the Face Behind the Brand

Inspire others and let people get to know the face behind the brand! This can help boost your brand’s profile and show people another side to the label. It may also introduce the brand to a whole new audience. Staying topical and in the eye of the public also promotes credibility for your brand and will hopefully generate in more sales (that is the aim right?!).

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