The glamorous world of PR is met with early mornings, late nights and a schedule that could change at any moment. The thrill of spontaneous moments is what keeps the team going. We work hard to prove to our clients that we are worth investing in. PR gurus need to be creative with their approach because we don’t pay for coverage. We take a brief and turn it on its head to create stories and experiences behind our brands. That is what makes people pay attention!

A Day in the life!

My day starts off with a Large Cappuccino with two sugars!

Starting off the day, the team has a ‘huddle’ to discuss newsworthy topics for the day. We start by reading through The Daily Telegraph, Australian Financial Review, The Australian and Sydney Morning Herald. Being in-the-know is really important to ensure our stories for the media are timely and relevant.

In my role, I am the go-to between media and our clients. I spend my days liaising with national, local and regional media depending on the type of story and target audience. The team brainstorms creative ideas that will push our clients into the news. Jelly Belly is a very timely client at the moment, as we are heading into Halloween, they have some awesome content and products that tie in well with the trick-or-treat theme.

The rest of the day consists of emailing to organise coverage, calling to follow up with media and sending out products for photoshoots!


Top 3 tips on how to be a rock star PR Executive

  1. Be proactive
  2. Practice writing for different genres
  3. Network so you can grow your media and business connection


Career Highlights

I always think of myself as “Maria from the block”, you know like Jenny! Just a small town girl, so meeting with the leading fashion magazines of Australia was kind of a big deal. It was my job to go and meet with these fashionistas and introduce them to one of our brands- UNDIZ. Needless to say that’s one of my highlights so far.

Another career highlight was getting our client, Broadway Sydney, on one of my favourite TV morning shows, Studio 10. Emma and I had to collect and transport four mannequins from the centre to the studio for them to appear! These mannequins were heavy and fragile, but Emma and I were two girls on a mission, so we rolled up our sleeves and got the job done.

How to get your foot in the door?

To break into the PR industry, it is very important to get experience in the industry. A really great way to get experience is through interning. Follow PR agencies on social media, or check employment websites because companies are always looking for interns. From then on just open yourself up to opportunity and your career will flourish.

15 Years of Fame