Arriving home bleary eyed I realised how ready I was for another year of kicking personal and professional goals and how I was going to take on a “New York” mindset and career style.

My first night back in Australia (still on holidays mind you) made me yearn for the fast paced New York life, as I adjusted harshly to the Aussie heat and humidity (whole body heat rash) and “surviving” a mild scorpion bite. These events had me reminiscing on my time abroad and how and what I would recommend to people who ask what my most favourite thing to do was.

After being given such great advice from Fleur our CEO and Kady, Head of Design who has lived and holidayed in New York, below is my personal list of the top 5 things to do in the city that never sleeps.


After spending most of my money on Broadway shows, I can definitely say that money was not wasted. Whilst away, I was fortunate to see The Colour Purple, The Carole King Musical,Matilda and Avenue Q.

2. NY






All the shows I have had the privilege to witness have been incredible and each so unique and special however I would recommend The Colour Purple and The Carole King Musical. One musical I wish I had of seen was The Book of Mormon.

Museums, 4. NYMemorials, Galleries and Zoos

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, MOMA, 9/11 Memorial and Bronx Zoo, just to name a few were a highlight of my trip away.

In the galleries, although I may not be very cultured and truth be told I don’t really “understand” art, I was still able to see the value in this form and appreciate the paintings and sculptures.

The 9/11 Memorial is an incredible space. It took me over 4.5 hours to explore the museum and was an emotional experience – one that I would recommend to everyone in their lifetime.


Ice Hockey Match/Basketball Game

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend a basketball game this trip, but is on my list for the next trip to New York!

I was able to experience an ice hockey game – up in the bleachers and far from the action, but the vibe of the arena was electrifying. At half time there was the ‘Kissing Screen’ and a proposal!

Definitely would recommend to see a game, grab a hotdog and a beer and laugh the whole night – when you aren’t anxious about the outcome of the game, that is.


At first quite scary and baffling, by the end of the trip I knew my way around fairly well and knew the subway lines without a map (for the most part).

It’s busy, cold and a bit smelly but after a few days of this you practically don’t notice things like that anymore. Lots of walking, which is great, but wear some comfortable shoes or your worn in heels.

I stayed on 50th Street, one stop past Grand Central Station. Some photos of the apartment are below. It was the cutest little space, and only a two floor walk-up (which helped to limit the amount of “stair crawling” at the end of the day).
6. NY7. NY8. NY

There’s lots of homeless people and buskers around too. That’s a story for another time though. A tip for you to take though is if you take a video of a busker give him a dollar note, or some spare change.

Also, if you have a map on you and you look confused, New York people are actually really nice and will give you suggestions on lunch places or shopping districts to venture to, especially when they have nothing else to do but watch you on the subway!

Food and Drink

Being on holidays obviously means you are going to delight in all foods. I tried to justify my eating throughout the trip by walking at least 20,000 steps per day. Although that was quite an easy target whilst being a tourist in New York, these steps did nothing to shield myself from the avalanche of food.

Eata9. NYly, Little Italy, China Town – even the local diner 30 seconds walk away were all amazing. I was shocked that grocery stores, pharmacies and even the Kmart sold alcohol! Probably the best thing about the food places in New York wasn’t so much the cafes, deli’s and restaurants, but more so the fact that Whole Foods has hot and cold buffet lunches and dinners. Absolutely no need to cook ever!

If you are interested at all, I would recommend you check out Kats Delicatessen (on the F line). Order a pastrami sandwich on Rye and you cannot go wrong. It’s a long wait for your food, but it is worth it and they will feed you glorious meats as taste testers before you make up your mind!


Unfortunately I don’t have the space to write down every single thing from my time away. If you are looking to go over there soon, definitely go to a comedy club or two, take some Drink and Draw classed and go to a cooking school. Everything is phenomenal in NY and is probably one of my most favourite places in the world!

I am fortunate to have been able to take such a long trip and really experience what New York has to offer!

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