How do I know? Well, there’s the hum of Christmas carols, Christmas pom poms hanging from the roof and the odd visit from a very Secret Santa on many of our desks. Then there’s the fact our office transformed into one of Santa’s little workshops as we sent out our client gifts and Christmas cards!

So since we’re feeling a bit festive, I thought we would share our Christmas Wishes with you all!

This year I wish for…

1. Summer days by the pool with friends and family

2. A cuddle from my puppy Lucy

3. A cute new summer outfit– Zimmerman will do…

Kayla wishes for…

1. A yummy, seafood lunch with all of my family on Christmas day

2. A big bone to give to my puppy Marley – so she’s full too!

3.  And of course for me – a new, sparkly gold watch

Mia wishes for ….

1. A beach holiday

2. A good book

3. A new kaftan!

Angela wishes for…

1. New pair of sunglasses
2. Yoga lessons
3. A new house in January, so Henry (my pooch) can finally live with me!

Fleur wishes…

1. To have a special visitor from NYC

2. To get a new dining room table, so I can attempt to become a domestic goddess

3. That Santa can magically make me look like a swim suit model before the Christmas holidays

Stephanie wishes for…

1. A wonderful Christmas Day spent celebrating with family and friends

2. A custom built shoe cupboard, filled with hundreds of pairs of the latest brightly coloured heels

3. A Claire Vivier handbag

Lauren wishes for a …

1. Border Collie Puppy
2. A Cloud Nine Hair Straightener
3. Surf Lessons and a Mini Mal

Sophie wishes for…

1. A Chloe handbag

2. My family from the UK here for Xmas

3. A snowboard

Merry Christmas from all the girls at Red PR !

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