Its 5pm and the warning signs are starting to show.  You’re on your sixth coffee, YouTubing Eurovision and looking at cat memes- yes my friend you’re on a one way train to procrastination station. When it’s close to deadline it can be hard to think up fresh ideas, let alone get inspired to write a news winning piece. But never fear! As seasoned professionals, and fellow cat meme fans, we are here to spill the beans and share our top 5 tips for first-class wordsmithing.


  1. Get physical, physical

Step outside and get that blood pumping. A quick walk around the block is the perfect way to reset and refocus. If you’re seriously running against the clock, do some standing stretches at your desk for a quick fix of endorphins.


  1. Break it down

Setting mini goals in the lead up to a deadline often makes a task seem less daunting. Breaking your work into smaller segments allows you to map out exactly what you need to do, without the stress of tackling a big project at the last minute.



  1. Treat yo’ self

Reward yourself for your achievements. Sent that press release? Eat acupcake. Finished that campaign? Buy those shoes – you deserve them! Introducing personal incentives gives us the added motivation to work those brain cells.


  1. Be inspired!

Create an inspiration board (in your spare time!). Pin your goals, your dreams and your idols in full view so whenever you hit that wall you always have a visual reminder to push yourself further and refuse mediocrity


  1. And if all else fails – more coffee will help!!!


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