I read a statistic last week that said two thirds of professionals read at least one blog a day. I know there are some people in my office who could read at least half a dozen a day.

As a PR agency we now don’t just target traditional media and online news forums, but bloggers too. Yes I have had clients say, “But who is this blogger anyway, other than Suzie Smith sitting in their bedroom in Fiji giving us her thoughts.” And while sometimes I agree – I mean what is their back ground or education on this matter, other than an opinion or a passion. However, there is absolutely no doubt that as a brand if you don’t embrace bloggers you are not joining the online conversation, you are not managing your online reputation and you are letting the risk outweigh the opportunity.

In real life very few of us have the chance to become known; a celebrity if you will, but today your customers and your brands can become online celebrities in a very short time – what an opportunity for your business! We recommend many of our clients start blogs for various reasons –

  • It is an opportunity to speak directly to your audience regularly
  • People want to know who the person is behind a business and that can take a considerable amount of time to establish through traditional publicity
  • It personalises your customers brand experience
  • It enhances search engine optimisation, as you are constantly loading new content

And there are blogs for everything from food, travel, hospitality, small business, and fashion to more unusual topics like dog breeds and gardening. Fashion and food bloggers have become so influential that the term idol and icons get thrown around.

Two good examples of how companies are embracing the importance of blogs is Top Shop, who have teamed up with popular UK-based fashion bloggers, posting a blogger’s pick’s section to the main website as well as hosting blogging events.

A host of New York fashion designers are inviting 13 year old Tavi Gevinson to sit in the front row of their runway shows because of how influential her opinion has become – www.thestylerookie.com

Personally some of the blogs I enjoy are –

So think about it, should your business have a blog?

Signing off a Bon Jovi wanna be!

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