The petite Dannii, wearing one of her gorgeous Project D clothing label designs shared her experiences with 1000 or so women (and a few men!)  from her early days in the public eye on Young Talent Time and Home and Away right through to launching her fashion label thirty years later.

The great thing about listening to this multi-talented style icon is that she spoke to the room like we were all her friends, which enabled you to relate to all her experiences even more. I admire the fact that throughout her career (including the X-Factor showdown with Sharon Osborne) she has maintained her dignity and tries to keep her personal life and relationships out of the spotlight.

The part of Dannii’s life which seemed to resinate most with the room was the beginnings of her new Project D label – which was born over a bottle of wine with her UK fashion bestie Tabitha Webb.

The video which then played from Tabitha back in London was hysterical. When speaking about their company she said, “When someone tells you you can’t do it, laugh in their face and do it anyway.”

When starting Project D, Dannii and her business partners realised that neither could draw, in fact she likened a pair of shorts she’d draw to a piece of toast! From this, the pair quickly learned to outsource what you’re not good at – a great piece of business advice.

Overarching all the stories Danni shared, was that passion has kept her career going strong. She throws herself into the deep end with each project even if it’s beyond her experience.

“I’ve always loved that thrill of being on the tightrope and thinking ‘can I do this?’ That’s what drives me. Anything that is an obstacle, if you’re going to be successful, you have to turn it into an opportunity.” Danni said.

As an astute businesswoman, Dannii shared her top advice for business owners.

“If you go with your passions and what you truly love, then you can be effective in your business. I’ve found myself working too hard over the years because I love what I do but I often have to reign it in.”

Working at a Sydney PR agency I completely agree with Dannii – you have to love what you do to be successful.

Dannii finished the breakfast with her secret to success in business and life:

“Wine and laughter!”

Thanks to Business Chicks for a wonderfully organised event and jam packed goody bag!

15 Years of Fame