Many companies want to be seen as having a heart and wearing that heart on their sleeve, but our goal is for that giving to be real and tangible. The charity a company chooses to support should be carefully considered, so there is a mutual benefit for both parties.

A clever partnership that is proving to be effective for both parties, has recently been formed between Sydney based commercial design and construction company, Valmont and cancer charity CanTeen.

CanTeen is the Australian organisation for young people living with cancer, aged between 12-24 years old. CanTeen’s mission is to support, develop and empower patients, siblings and offspring and bereaved siblings and offspring. They provide members with a place where they can simply be young people, away from the day to day pressures that come from living with cancer in the hospital or at home.

CanTeen’s national office needed to expand to consolidate three separate offices in Sydney – they were originally looking at a relocation, rather than workspace upgrade. An estate agent working with CanTeen recommended Valmont to manage the new office fit out. Touched by the cause, Valmont felt this was the perfect project where they could offer their services for free and make the new CanTeen office a truly special place.

Valmont are in the process of creating a new, energetic, yet functional workplace for CanTeen, which also incorporates a member’s area. There are 500 members in Sydney and this dedicated youth focused area will be where patients, friends and family can come to relax, socialise and be supported by CanTeen staff. This space will feel like a home away from home and be separate to the work area. With Valmont’s support, the end result is going to be so much more than a new office – it’s going to be a complete upgrade which is a professional, yet personalised space.

The wonderful thing about this collaboration is that Valmont are engaging the community to help with the project too. Labour from Valmont’s subcontractors is being provided for free and their clients Richemont and Alinta Energy are donating furniture from their existing offices. Furniture companies Diami, Matt Blatt and Krost are also offering their assistance.

After learning more about this worthy charity and how Valmont are helping them, I’ve been inspired to offer my services as a volunteer for CanTeen. It’s great to see a group of companies all working together and donating their skills for such a worthwhile cause.

It’s all to easy to get caught up in our own busy worlds and forget what’s going on around us – I’d like to encourage others to find a way to give back and donate your time to help others.

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