This includes event design, audio visual production, catering and beverage service, scriptwriting, logistics, budgeting, negotiation and, of course, client service. It is a multi-dimensional profession.

Sounds simple huh? Apparently not.

Unfortunately there are those in the industry who do none of the above and instead, prefer to leave their client to figure things out these responsibilities for themselves – and on the day of the event.

Some points to all Event Managers:
•    Know where your powers points are located in the venue
•    Know if furniture can be moved or if it is bolted to the floor – this actually affects Run Sheets and themeing which your client has pulled together and paid for
•    Allocate bar staff to serve guests, not to sit behind the bar on cartons chatting and ignoring guests at the event
•    Serve the catering ordered by the client, not copious amounts of spring rolls and samousas
•    Brief your bar staff before the event so they know what cocktails to make and what beverages to serve guests
•    Make sure your bar staff has the right fruit for your clients cocktails – do not have bar staff tell your client the fruit isn’t being delivered until the day after the event
•    Ensure all employees at the venue are aware there will actually be an event at the venue
•    Do not get bar staff who have no event management experience to do your job
•    Do not say to your client you will do the Run Sheet and leave it for them to do the morning of the event
•    If you want to make money for your venue, circulate drinks to guests in the venue area and don’t make them wait and then have to approach the bar
•    If you have allocated an event manager for the night, actually brief them of the event and make sure the event is not on their day off
•    Make sure all audio visual production is set up well before the event commences, not at 7pm when the MC is looking for the microphone only to tell your client that it will be 20 minutes until you find one for them
•    And believe it or not, show up and actually manage the event

So until the last drop of bubbly has been sipped and the final guest leaves, take ownership and do your job.  And please note, the above list is from direct experience.

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