We all need to refocus our goals quickly to ensure they are achievable in a weaker environment and we need to move forward aggressively to still retain our customers, hopefully win some new ones and keep your A team motivated.

Many of us don’t have the big communications budgets we had last year to achieve some of these goals and maintain your companies reputation, but there are some cost effective activities you can under take to ensure you are still speaking to your audience directly.

1. A publicity campaign – Spread your good news and achievements to your current and potential clients through the media. Third party endorsement is gold.
2. Generate a monthly online e –newsletter – It is more cost effective than your printed version and is a constant and easy source of communication.
3. Get Online – You could speak to your staff and customers every day through establishing an online blog, contributing to other blogs, starting a facebook site for your business and getting onto Twitter.
4. Sponsor an event with in-kind that has the same target market as you and offer your service or product as an alignment, so it doesn’t effect your cash flow.
5. Network Network Network – I know it can be scary for some, but the costs are minimal to attend industry events and grow your contact base. You never know who you might meet and what value they may bring by building a working relationship with them.

“When you’re in the battlefield, survival is all there is.”

15 Years of Fame