Here at Red PR we are blessed with fantastic interns, each working one day a week over a three month period, assisting with a wide range of things – from sponsorships and research to event assistance – we would be lost without them!

I myself started my journey at Red PR as an intern almost two years ago, and having experienced both side of the fence – I believe the five simple tips below are things anyone looking to start an internship  program (not just at Red PR) should know.

1. PRESENTATION – I cannot stress enough how important this is – first impressions DO last! I know it sounds like very obvious advice, but there is a reason you hear it said all the time – people are still doing it wrong! By no means does this mean you need to spend hundreds of dollars on new outfits, but keep in mind a saying that has been heard at Red PR many times – “dress for the job you want, not the job you have!”

WOMEN – A blouse and high waited skirt or an appropriate dress (no low cuts at the chest, no finishing halfway up your thigh), with ballet flats or heels

MEN – Dress pants and a long sleeved business shirt with CLEAN, closed in dress shoes

2. BE PUNCTUAL – If you are scheduled to start you internship at 8:30am on a Monday morning, then there is no reason (unless you have phoned ahead) why you shouldn’t be at your desk then, if not before.   Not only should you be arriving to the office on five minutes early ready to start work, but you should also be taking the assigned lunch time – no longer.  Not only does this reflect badly on your time management skills, but it also worries your employer.

3. ASK QUESTIONS – The phrase “there is no such thing as a dumb question” has never applied more than in an internship program. From my point of view, I would much rather someone asked me 100 questions, then stay quiet and unsure of their task.  I know it can be intimidating at first to ask questions, but I PROMISE we don’t bite, and we WANT to help you – none of us would be where we are today if someone didn’t answer our questions!

4. SHARE YOUR IDEAS – Often at Red PR we will have brainstorms for editorial angles, event concepts and social media ideas – you name it, we’ve brainstormed it! As an intern, this is a chance for you to show us your creative side! No idea is too small or outrageous, and sometimes a fresh perspective is just what we need!

5. BE INVOLVED – Although Red PR interns are only required to work one day per week, each intern should keep their eyes and ears peeled for ‘after hours’ events or activities that their assistance may be required on.  We often have client events that we require extra hands on and ALWAYS ask our interns to help. This is a great way to get to know the team you work with better, make media contacts and learn about the logistics of running an event!

I can guarantee you that implementing these five simple tips while interning with almost any company, will leave you with a glowing reference and may even be the next staff member on the team!

Good luck! x

Below are images of some of the fabulous interns we have had at Red in the past.

15 Years of Fame