Days like this make me realize how much I love my life as a public relations professional – the kinds of days that allow me to get out from behind my desk and experience the world…all in the name of research of course!

Getting to work at 7am would normally feel like a challenge, but when you know your day in the office is going to turn into a tropical beach with amazing wildlife and thrilling experiences, it’s not hard to jump out of bed and into the car.

As we boarded the luxurious MiCat ferry and looked out at the sun rising over the ocean and the clear blue sky, I surveyed the faces of the other two Red PR ladies and noticed they were sporting the same smug and deliriously happy look on their faces as me. We were in for a day of fun.

As you pull into the magic that is Moreton Island the colour of the surrounding water truly takes your breath away. My colleague who had never been before by regularly visits other islands in the bay actually said “I had no idea we had water this colour near Brisbane!”. It’s a statement I’m sure get’s uttered many a time a day as the MiCat pulls onto the beach.

Our first stop was the local store and Eco Village where schools camping on the island stay. Chris, the store owner, stocks all the necessities required for a day, weekend or month on Moreton including clothes, food and of course – beer.

Next stop; vast open beaches. And this is certainly a case of a picture speaking a thousand words!

Now is probably a good time to mention that Moreton Island Adventures have also recently teamed up with Jeep so our adventure took place in a brand spanking new RED four wheel drive. Very fitting.

After stopping at the Champagne Pools, which are a natural spa baths and then continuing on to the beautiful lighthouse lookout, we unfortunately missed out on any whale sightings, but the season has only just begun and our passionate and knowledgeable guide Mac says that regular sightings happen daily during the peak of the season.

After our morning’s adventures we stopped for a relaxing picnic on the beach we drove on to the vast open plains of the Moreton Island Desert. I’m not kidding when I say that it actually felt as though we had just stepped into the Saudi Arabian Desert. I half expected a camel to come cruising over the hills with an Arabian Prince in tow. If only…but I digress.

After dragging ourselves up the enormous sand hills, Mac encouraged us to get down on our sandboards so she could push us down massive sand mountain. As a rookie in the sport of sand tobogganing – I’m not going to lie, I was terrified. However I made it down in one, very fast moving piece and even went back for more! I have to hand it to our team – for three PR gals who had never attempted sand tobogganing in their adult lives – we were very impressive!

After the trek back to the Jeep we sadly realised our adventure at Moreton was coming to an end and we headed back to the beach where MiCat would soon be taking us back to the big smoke. We got an amazing first-hand experience of what our client has to offer, but I was so impressed from a personal point of view – not just for the purpose of work.

Now…To come up with a compelling reason for Red PR to send us back for another day…

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