I’ve been called a few names in my life but a couple have stuck since the launch of my own vintage collection label, aptly titled Vintage Lover. While I am not quite sure I want to be referred to as a “vintage maiden” or a “style vixen”, I bet you are not quite sure what Vintage Lover is.

So what is Vintage Lover?

While some would rather close their eyes, click their heels and have clothes magically appear for them, others, like me, salivate over the thrill of the vintage clothing chase.

An obsession which started in kindergarten where I could be found styling all my friends outfits in their grandma’s clothing instead of finger painting, I enjoyed the hunt for vintage so much that I began to hunt for my friends.

Hunting anywhere and everywhere, gathering my stash into collections, styling the clothes for the collection Look Book and selling them on eBay, the venture has allowed me to continue my romantic love affair with all things vintage.

Four collections later, ‘Howling Hearts’ is the most recent range with a colourful variety of dresses, skirts, tee’s, jackets, shirts and swimsuits.

15 Years of Fame