When I first saw one of these updates on my friends facebook it threw me as she isn’t the type of girl to share her most intimate secrets…however it all soon became clear once I had received the secret email that like me thousands of other woman received last week.

The tongue in cheek campaign is in support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month which runs throughout October.

Women are actually referring to where they like to place their bags, not to their favorite places to make love. It was designed after a previous successful facebook breast cancer campaign back in January, where woman gave details of their bra colour.

It’s been received with mixed reviews; it’s certainly had me chuckling with some of the updates and responses I’ve read not to mention the perplexed updates of some of male friends making guesses at what it could be.

Some may disapprove, but thousands of facebook users are participating and to me that’s a successful awareness campaign. Not only have women loved getting involved but the media have also jumped on the bandwagon and reporting on the campaign globally – that’s a viral campaign well done. If it raises awareness or convinces women to get screened for the disease it can only be seen as positive.

Breast Cancer is a disease that will kill 10 million women in the next 25 years, so we also implore you to visit and donate to www.cancercouncil.com.au if you can.

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