Just over three months ago I was welcomed with the overwhelming opportunity to work as an intern for Red PR (a Friday intern might I add) and I’d firstly like to say holy-bloody-moly-thankyou Red PR!! My ambition has now started to become somewhat reality, as I have engaged and continue to experience the competitive and challenging world of public relations.

Before I was presented with my awesome internship position I was a QUT business student, eager to learn, listen and experience what a regular day was like for a public relations practitioner. After several applications and numerous cover letters to different Brisbane PR firms, I was given a chance by Red PR to be immersed in a lifestyle PR agency.

After only interning for three months I have quickly become to realise that there is no average day in PR. You definitely don’t sit at a desk from 8.30am- 5.30pm completing monotonous and repetitive tasks. Instead your day could involve writing media releases, conducting surveys, compiling distribution lists, generating social media, coordinating a launch or a host of other initiatives. Basically everyday is different!

It’s exciting speculating what tasks Red have lined up for me when I walk in the door on Friday mornings. Each week I gain a different experience and this confirms the variety of the job. I choose to give up one day a week, however the skills I have gained, University has only ever skimmed over.

Seeing all the Red PR girls working as hard as they do, displays their love for their job and that’s definitely the sort of environment I want to work in.

Although, I do believe working in PR is a 24/7 commitment! If you have the right attitude towards the sometimes cut-throat and hardcore industry, you enjoy problem solving and writing and love the go-go-go lifestyle, the shoe might just fit!

I wish Fridays would come around quicker each week, as my internship so far as inspired and further motivated me to break into the challenging, exciting, social and extremely rewarding world that is PR.

Bring it on 2012!

Sophie Walvin

15 Years of Fame