From Day One the support I received has been incredible: the items on my daily task list aren’t just ‘those things that need to be done’ but my mentor, Kayla takes into consideration the skills I would like to improve upon and the strategies that I would like to learn more about. I am not treated as an outsider but feel as valued as a permanent employee.

One of the prominent characteristics I have noticed during my time here at The Red Republic is the level of passion that goes into what everyone does. For them it isn’t just a job – it is in their lifeblood; the office culture is instilled from the top – The Red Republic’s CEO Fleur Madden. Their level of commitment is evident in the lengths they go to and the boundaries they push to get the best results for their clients.

As an intern I have gained first hand insights into how exactly a PR agency functions – The pros at The Red Republic build great relationships with not only their clients but the media and of course, each other. Through my experience here, I am developing a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of the management and business model for a full service brand experience agency – hugely valuable insight for someone learning the industry ropes.

During my previous experience in advertising and in-house public relations, I had the chance to work both autonomously and in a team. One of the things I love the most about interning at The Red Republic is the constant, constructive feedback: I am always learning ways to improve. A focal point of the company is consistently being in the know – what is trending, what is news and how it relates to their clients. Working with such a tight-knit team has allowed me to take on more responsibility and consequently, helping me to expand my PR skillset whether it is researching bloggers or assisting industry events.

Most importantly, I acquired a strategic understanding of how different businesses operate in practice. I have been able to apply my theoretical knowledge from my degree and implement it in a real life setting. Thus learning how important it is for a PR professional to understand a business’ core offerings, needs and objectives in order to effectively tie in the PR strategy with the overall business strategy.

So, if you have a love for brands and truly believe you can make a difference – whether it be for a small business or large brand – I would definitely encourage you to undertake at least one internship… perhaps even at The Red Republic.


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