Landing a job at Australia’s top boutique PR agency is no easy task. It is clear to see they vet diligently for employees, hiring only those at the top of their game for their Brisbane and Sydney based offices. In such a highly competitive industry, you have to put your best foot forward or you won’t even survive the recruitment process.

It is often considered that you need a clear path from studying, to graduating to immediately land a dream job in PR. In this dynamic industry you are expected to be passionate, dedicated, an expert in the latest trends and technologies AND have that much-needed creative flair.

Most would agree my path into consumer PR has been less than linear. When I first introduced myself to The Red Republic team, I referred to myself as a British-Kiwi, living in Australia with an American twang. I had attended three international academic institutions, studying, at any point in time, sports science, geography, political science, marketing, management or the creative industries. My world for the past 8 years has been #confusing!

Having said this, my first day on the job as The Red Republic’s Junior PR Executive was a long, awaited Eureka moment. The diversity of clients that TRR represent related to a number (of what I had previously considered very random) experiences that I had encountered along my way.

To shed some light, here are three key experiences that helped me stand out from the crowd and hit the ground running in this busy, Brisbane PR agency.

1.       Internships.

It’s essential to grab and embrace any work experience opportunity that comes your way. It shows you are dedicated, capable and willing to learn from superiors. Education is still important, but it’s almost a given and certainly not the deciding factor. Before The Red Republic, I interned at a Brisbane based boutique in fashion PR and social media, contributed to numerous online magazines and worked as a campaign assistant in the not-for-profit sector. More recently, I was appointed as the Brisbane Topshop marketing representative, giving me the experience of operationally running high-profile events. All roles were unpaid and additional to any paying job. My life was hectic for a couple of years but you won’t land your dream job overnight.

2.      Be a manager.

Managing a fast-paced retail environment shows you are capable of taking initiative and are confident to make decisions. My dad was over-joyed when I graduated from the prestigious University of St Andrews, Scotland, only to land a job at Starbucks; not quite the fairy tale beginning. Working in a fast-paced retail environment taught me how to work effectively under pressure and gave me a solid understanding of working in a team. Before I knew it I was managing my own retail store, giving me the capabilities to lead a brand.

3.      Embrace opportunities.

The best experiences come from pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.  Running on a Track & Field scholarship at an American university, studying in Scotland to complete a Masters, and moving to Australia to start a career, all gave me fresh challenges to overcome. It gave me rich life experience and it opened up my perspective on the world. Imagine my awe when, at The Red Republic, I was asked to work on the successful Suncorp Bank runPositive campaign. Eureka! Those three years running around a track were worth their weight in gold!

At The Red Republic no two executives followed the same path into the Australian PR agency. The diversity of client’s, from Fashion and Beauty to Travel and Hospitality, means that you need skills across numerous industries to be successful.  No job, internship or life experience goes unwarranted; it all counts and adds to the vibrant, creative nature of a busy PR agency.

So if you are ever feel lost or confused, or just want to hear my funny accent contact me at

15 Years of Fame