You can read more about it here ( but to summarise, Jetstar’s bold decision to throw almost half of its budget behind social media was made after its recent forays into new media channels produced – and I quote –  “phenomenal” results.

Another key factor cited was the relative cost-effectiveness of social media campaigns when compared to traditional forms of advertising.  Most people will agree, this is hardly a surprising development. With newspaper circulations down and audience share diluted due to the proliferation of competing TV channels – not to mention the advent of recordable TV which allows us to speed through ad breaks at the touch of a button – the sky high fees that ad agencies command and the equally hefty costs of purchasing media space are starting to look like pretty lousy value for money.

But even those within the PR industry (who’ve been saying this stuff for years!) will be surprised at the sheer size of Jetstar’s commitment to its social media presence.  They’re making a statement and it’s a big one.  The question now is: will other big brands follow suit? And more importantly (to us, anyway) which areas of the marketing industry will benefit if they do?

At present, there are various factions claiming to be the obvious choice for brands looking to develop social media strategies and build their online presence.  From ad agencies to newly created digital agencies who claim to specialize in social media, everyone wants a piece of the new media pie.  But what many people forget is that it’s the PR industry which has the most natural fit.

Social media for brands is all about initiating and engaging in conversations, building longstanding, reciprocal relationships with the public and the careful management of your brand’s increasingly exposed and vulnerable reputation.  It requires a much more subtle approach than the “let’s throw money at it and buy our way in” mentality of the ad man, and a greater understanding of relationship management than the average techie or digital expert could ever appreciate. In short, it’s what we PRs do for our clients every single day.

So, Mr David May head of marketing at Jetstar, I sincerely hope you take your 40 per cent and spend it wisely – not with your media buyers, ad agency or a team of SEO nerds, but with the real experts: your humble PR company.

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