Surrounded by a group of talented, strong and kick ass women for a weekend will definitely make you want to strive to be better than ever – not just in your professional life but in your personal life too!

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend The Red Republic’s annual conference at the beautiful Tangalooma Island Resort and I wanted to share the top three things I valued the most from this experience.

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  1. Visualising success

As we were welcomed aboard the ferry to Tangalooma, I had no idea just how much closer I would get to my team and how much I would learn about myself and my personality in the process.

The resort itself was amazing and I am grateful to have experienced the dolphin feeding, beautiful weather, gorgeous views and swimming in the still waters. It was certainly an inspirational backdrop for the lessons ahead!

One of the first things in the conference that we took part in was to close our eyes and imagine what the very best PR person in the world looked like. What did she wear, what did she look like, how did she speak and more importantly how did she listen. We needed to visualise what the most inspirational version of ourselves looked like and think about what we needed to implement to make it a reality.

My answers are in the picture below, all of which I have put into place to make sure I fit my own criteria and channel my inner best PR gal daily!



  1. Fear nothing but to waste the present moment

One of my favourite quotes from the conference is to “fear nothing but to waste the present moment”. This quote comes from a video known as the Fred Factor and tells us how to deliver the best customer service – beyond expectation. I think this is an extremely important mindset and attitude to have, especially in today’s current climate.

After watching this video, each night I ask myself, “have I wasted any moment of today?” To be truthful, sometimes I think that myself maybe I have – so the next day I try to be the best again.

I structure my day and tasks more effectively and slowly I am seeing the benefits of better time management. I feel more fulfilled and believe I am giving my clients a better service than ever before!


  1. Fake it until you become it

The final important lesson I found myself absorbing was to fake it till until you become it!

Now this doesn’t mean to give misleading information but rather about how your body language ultimately shapes who you are. I think this is a particularly important lesson for myself and other people in a similar position in their lives – recently graduated or just starting their career path.

These lessons have really resonated with me and I think I am becoming a better PR exec because of them. I believe that watching these videos might also inspire you to be the best at whatever it is you do, be it a uni student, a PR pro or a postie!

So, I would like to thank our CEO and MD for organising such a great conference! I also want to give a big shout out to the whole TRR team for being willing to help in times of need, giving great advice and working every day to contribute to the same shared goal – making The Red Republic the best PR agency around!

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