Trying on a selection of clothes from a rack of “active wear” fashions, Brooke is laughing and smiling easily as she changes in and out of whatever options we give her. For many women, the idea of being photographed for the paper in lycra gym pants would be a nightmarish experience – but as the face of the Prince Charles Hospital Foundation’s “Saving Women’s Hearts” Campaign, Brooke is happy to be not only active, but alive.

She is young, energetic and confident– not at all the image I had in my head of someone who had already battled, and survived a near-fatal heart disease. It’s hard to imagine that just three years ago, Brooke was struggling to perform even simple daily activities such as climbing a flight of stairs or singing a nursery rhyme to her 18 month old son.

Realising something was wrong; Brooke went to the Prince Charles Hospital and soon received the news that she had a serious heart condition. For a while her family feared Brooke would need a heart transplant, however thanks to the support of her son Mani as well as the enduring efforts of the hospital, Brooke’s heart begun to heal.

Brooke’s story is one that many Aussie women can sadly relate to. Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death for Australian women at the moment? In fact, women in Australia are four times more likely to die of heart disease than breast cancer and according to a recent study by the Heart Foundation the vast majority of us (70%) aren’t aware of this.

As a survivor, Brooke is committed to doing her part to turn these stats around and raise awareness about this important issue.

Westfield Chermside has also shown their support for the cause, generously donating 50% of all 2 hour Personal Style Session proceeds in May to the Foundation.

Want to help? Go to find out more or book a style session at Westfield Chermside by calling 3117 5310.

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