I wanted to run my own magazine, own a fashion boutique on the side, have a PR agency with the most exclusive clients and own that Chanel bag I’ve been coveting since the age of eight. You know nothing too big.

I wondered how the heck I was going to break into the industry given the average Brissy girl has few opportunities to dip into the pool of journalism, fashion and public relations. A wise woman – my mother to be precise – once told me that to get ahead in this fickle world you had to be willing to start from the bottom.

So from the bottom I started. I trekked to Sydney several times after nagging what felt like a thousand editorial assistants to give me a go. Once there they threw me every mundane task possible and sent me on foot to the head offices of Prada, Hermes and Carla Zampatti to name a few. A few blisters and broken finger nails later I was on the phone to my mother telling her I never wanted to come back to the fiery pit of hell that was work experience at a fashion magazine.

Nine months after this and forgetting all about my poor battered feet I applied once again for a week with a fashion PR agency in Sydney. Feeling confident that I would fit right in after doing PR at QUT fashion magazine Frock Paper Scissors, I persevered through yet another week. As it turns out I loved every second of the experience and found my home in Public Relations.

Luck was on my side a few weeks ago when I emailed Red PR who quickly responded asking if I was interested in coming in for an interview for an internship.  Boy was I interested. It took all my restraint not to squeal on the phone when I was offered the position the next week; in fact I daresay I let a little one slip out. I guess now only time will tell if I ever manage to acquire my Chanel bag – I’ll take out a personal loan if I have to – but for the time being I can’t wait to see where things at Red PR take me.

15 Years of Fame