When it comes to travel, I enjoy a few frills to make the trip worth it.  The luxuries I enjoy are affordable, like a television and comfortable bed, but they’re things not usually available in an adventure setting.  Trekking through a dense rainforest has been far from appealing – until now.

Last week I attended the Executive Excellence fundraising lunch for the Kids of Kokoda charity, which works to assist PNG villagers and provide essential food, clothing, education and medical supplies.

Executive Excellence have been operating treks to Kokoda for several years and the lunch acted as a reunion of sorts for past participants, who were united in their passion for the nationally significant location and the locals who live along the Track.

Also in attendance was George Palmer, a real-life war hero and Kokoda survivor, and recent Victoria Cross recipient Trooper Mark Donaldson.

Everyone had their own inspiring story of how they completed the treacherous environment.  They were corporate groups, school friends, families and strangers.  Some had a military connection that encouraged them to tackle the challenge, an interest in Australian history or simply a desire to experience something different.

What struck me was how diverse the crowd was – men and women, young and old.  If they can do it, surely I can to.

So after a few hours in a room with some very enthusiastic people, I’ve now added Kokoda to my list of places to visit in the next five years.  Now I just need to get fit and find a decent backpack!

If you have a sense of adventure, check out Executive Excellence – they take groups to a variety of challenging and exotic settings.

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