Yes LEAD story, come on! While the world keeps turning, battles are being fought, homes are being lost, people are dying or starving  and this is what our biggest news story was….really.

On some level, I am supposed to be comforted by the fact that my city’s news bulletin didn’t start with mass murders or terrorist attacks like other cities around the world, but this just isn’t news. Yes Michael Clarke is the vice captain of the Australian cricket team, so then if you have to run this ridiculous story, run it in the sports line up. Was there really anything about this story that was so ground breaking and would affect Sydney’s population that it needed to be headlined?

To make matters worse, one particular breakfast program had their poor reporter stationed outside Michael Clarke’s Bondi Beach apartment around the clock for almost a week. This poor reporter was so starved for something interesting to report back to the news anchor that she said, “The curtains have been drawn all night, I think I saw a hand, but cannot confirm it was Michael Clarke’s hand”. Ummm what? A hand, who cares? Even if it was his whole head, I’m pretty sure Michael Clarke being present in his own apartment is NOT news.

I would love to report at this point, that this story is now finally over especially as Michael Clarke has left the country, however no such luck. I am now receiving regular news alerts quoting a plumber with his hands down Michael Clarke’s toilet, apparently searching for the infamous engagement ring.

I know what’s down the toilet and it’s not Lara Bingles engagement ring.

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