Today’s world is fast-paced, leaving less and less time for people to return to the social fundamentals of picking up the phone or catching up for a coffee.  Historical forms of communication like writing a letter are almost extinct.

Facebook and Myspace have changed the way we network and keep in touch, whether we like it or not.  These and other mediums are well-and-truly part of our lives.

Despite the many forms of social media, does the internet really help us to be socially connected?  Or is it just superficial… lines and numbers.

When I think of Facebook, I think of a personal organiser.  It’s like an advanced way of categorising your contacts in a central place.  But the features far outdo that of a traditional address book.  Don’t believe me?  When was the last time you received an actual party invitation and not a hastily created Facebook event notification?

Don’t get me wrong… I’d be lost without the internet.  And so would millions of people.  The web has played a major role in business, politics, economics and much more.  We shop online, plan trips online, communicate online, work online – essentially, most of us live online.

What does all of this mean for human interaction?

Helena Racic
Red PR Intern

15 Years of Fame