Developed and manufactured in France, the E-One uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal technology and is easy to use, safe, convenient and more cost effective than countless trips to the beautician.

A finalist in the prestigious French Innovation of the Year Awards for ‘Best Product of the Year’ in 2007, Australians will no longer have to constantly worry about hair removal as they enjoy professional results of smooth, supple, hair free skin.

Unlike most other professional IPL machines which require you to wait two to four weeks before being exposed to the sun, the E-One’s innovative technology enables you to go in the sunshine whenever you wish, without risk of marks or scars due to hair removal.

Despite its small, convenient size the E-One can also be used as frequently as the bulkier salon IPL machines as the revolutionary technology enables it to be safely used as often as you like.

The E-One is the only hair removal device for home use in the world with a medical grade CE certification, meeting global consumer safety, health and environmental requirements and standards.

The efficiency and safety of the E-One has been evaluated by clinical tests recognised under dermatological control in the laboratory DermExpert in France and has been manufactured with an ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 to ensure the highest sustainable quality.

Currently available in Lime Green, Dark Blue or Dark Pink, the E-One can be purchased online at for RRP$2,695.00 and payment options are available.

So whilst some are spending up to $25,000 in their life time investing in hair removal techniques, others are ditching salons and battling inner city parking in peak hour traffic because they are able to conduct their beauty routines in the privacy and comfort of their homes.

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