Gone are the days of megaphones and monogrammed sweaters, these day’s girls and boys, as young as four, become “flyers” (the brave one at the very top of the pyramid) or the strong flyers base who “cheer” on all-star competition squads, that aren’t actually cheering for anyone except a panel of judges.

The popular perception is that cheerleading is the uncompetitive preserve of blonde beauty queens rah-rahing with pom-poms. For the five times world champions, Top Gun All-Stars, a cheerleading squad from Miami Florida, who made a guest performance at this year’s World Cup Cheer and Dance(WCC) events, nothing could be further from the truth.

Lyn Parker, CEO of World Cup Cheer & Dance (WCC), a company established to conduct cheer and dance events throughout the Asia Pacific region, and a client of Red Public Relations, says,

“Some people may have an outdated view that it’s just waving pom-poms, but if you open your eyes and look at modern cheerleading it’s a lot more physical than many other sports out there.”

Cheerleading has certainly come a long way in Australia and is being recognised by athletes as a viable competitive sport. In fact the International Cheer Union currently has an application pending approval by Sport Accord and the International Olympic Committee.

Claimed to be the fastest growing sport in the world, cheerleading is embraced by over 100 countries, with men and women competing in teams with fast-moving, complex acrobatic routines, blending sports disciplines including tumbling, gymnastics and dance. This sport demands strength, flexibility, lightening quick footwork and, most of all, dedication and teamwork. Over 3,000 athletes competed in this year’s WCC events including cheer teams from Australia, the Philippines, New Zealand and China.

So is, cheerleading, a “girlie” game and not a sport? See for yourself and test the adage “Athletes lift weights, cheerleaders lift athletes” and join a cheerleading squad near you today!

I am a cheerleading convert! Move over ‘career’ in consumer PR and ‘hello’ cheerleading!

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