Performa1To launch Performa Nutrition Waterloo we invited media and friends to come and try it out!

The idea of the store is create a destination for health and wellbeing, a place for people to enjoy a wholesome meal and a coffee whilst learning about supplements from the friendly staff in a non-intimidating way!

We had the fabulous Richard from Botanica Cold Press Juices speak about his unique and healthy green juices available at Performa Nutrition. He was so good, he almost talked me into replacing my daily coffee fix with a fresh green juice! And for the record, they’re delicious.

The lovely Sophie Henley, of Henley’s Wholefoods, spoke about the deliciously healthy food being served to our 18 VIP media guests as well as around 50 Performa friends, and will continue to be served in the Waterloo café. Including my favourite: the dairy-free, sugar-free chocolate brownies on which I may have over-indulged.



Mr Pink and the team were there to help keep our guests hydrated and energized, with their delicious functional ginseng beverages, a healthy alternative to sugar-filled energy drinks – currently sold exclusively in Performa Nutrition stores.

And of course the main event – the wide variety of supplements to help maintain health and wellbeing!



Make sure you check out the brand new Performa Nutrition café – in the Dank Street complex, Waterloo or head over to their Facebook page. You won’t be disappointed!

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