Success never happens overnight and it rarely comes about by one single individual. Behind every great brand, product, company or social presence, lies a great team.

The PR industry is whirlwind of multitasking, creative idea generation, compelling content and strict deadlines, all fuelled by the desire to deliver results for our clients. Having been in the industry for some time now, I’ve learnt the most important arsenal a PR company can have is an effective and cohesive team.

Consider a game of touch football. We know there are multiple players, each tasked with different roles, but at the end of the day they all strive for the same common goal within a limited timeframe. If negativity surfaces and weak links start to form, the team will ultimately break down and the game will be lost. While in this scenario the goal may be literal, in the PR world the process is much the same. Remember, there’s no ‘I’ in team.

In order to tame the PR world, conquer challenges and attain uncommon results, I have highlighted the key elements of what makes a great team and how it transfers over into the workplace.


Contemporary workplaces and their employees are now more dynamic and unique than they have ever been. But what hasn’t changed is how people feel when exposed to a positive and enabling atmosphere. A fundamental element of teamwork is the positivity comradery brings, which then creates a domino effect on the way individuals think, act and reflect. This is especially important in an environment where no day is the same. There will always be adrenaline highs and at times, stress may bubble to the surface. So having a safe space and a support network you can trust for guidance will enable you as an individual, forming an arm of your team, to remain focused on your overall goal and eliminate the risk of becoming overwhelmed in the process.

The Key to Success – Two Heads Are Better Than One!

Work cultures that inhibit these traits are known to have seen an improvement in communication across the board, workloads are distributed effectively, there’s a higher degree of idea generation and an increase in productivity. By enabling an open forum for employees to bring their diverse skills and strengths to the table, teams can maximise all opportunities and conquer any challenges that may come. It is these cohesive values that encourages our team at TRR to feel more like a family at a second home.

Working as a team also provides a chance for personal growth. Speaking from experience, having the chance to work side-by-side with some of the most talented and experienced minds in the industry has improved my own personal ability and introduced me to new skills I may not have accessed previously. By tapping into each other’s individual attributes and leveraging them effectively, a team will drive performance and achieve success in a shorter timeframe than you would on your own.

A positive culture brings out the best in everyone and there’s nothing like high fiving your desk buddy and hitting the office gong after securing a win with your account manager!

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