We love nothing more than a great red carpet moment! With the recent Golden Globes, People’s Choice Awards and the upcoming Oscars, we are excitedly dissecting gown choices, rating and hating accessories and somehow finding a way to incorporate Globes looks into our social media Brisbane campaigns. All this red carpet fever has us reminiscing about some of the glamorous Red PR red carpet events we’ve coordinated over the years – we might be biased but we think we’re giving the Globes a run for their money!

Here’s to creating more red carpet moments like these in 2012!

Row one (left to right): 1. Red PR’s Mia Hamilton, Fleur Madden and Danielle Trewin  GPO relaunch      2. The Rock of Ages: The Musical Beauties at the GPO relaunch         3. Miss World Australia Amber Greasley at the GPO relaunch        4. The Veronicas’ Lisa Origliasso and Damien Anthony Rossi at the GPO’s relaunch

Row two: 1. The Sons of Midnight and friends at the GPO relaunch     2. Red PR’s Alexandra Kerr and Fleur Madden at the GPO relaunch     3. Red PR’s Danielle Trewin, Sophie Walvin and Mia Hamilton     4. Autumn Adams and staff at the Moo Moo event

Row three: 1. Westfield Garden City’s Stylist’s Apprentice winner Alice Waugh with Tim Blackwell    2. Emily Jade O’Keefe at the Stylist’s Apprentice event      3. Alison Ariotti and Lauren Ellis at the Castaways restaurant launch on Moreton Island     4. Lauren Faulkner and Desmore Nero on Moreton Island     5. Sarah Broad and Fleur Madden at the launch of the Domino’s android

Row four: 1. Westfield Chermside stylist Christie Nicolaides and Leigh Buchanan         2. Autumn Adams and friends at Brisbane’s Moo-Moo post flood relaunch    3. Emily Jade O’Keefe and Westfield Chermside stylist Kim Ring at Project Be Styled event          4. Autumn Adams and celebrity bodyguard Shengo Deane

15 Years of Fame