sundaeThe PR Sundae is a metaphoric checklist which provides graduates with building blocks which employers often seek in PR professionals.

The ice cream symbolises your business degree – your degree is a necessary foundation which shows employers you are self-motivated and willing to learn.

The sundaes toppings are internships and work experience. Employers realise that it takes peanuts to balance competing study, work and life priorities – your toppings evidence strong organisation and decision making abilities.

Ice cream and toppings are important – they look great on your resume and show employers that you are ready to hit the ground running. However PR is a competitive industry and it takes more than a degree and work experience to earn a dream job. Dream jobs demand a cherry on top of your sundae.

The cherry on top of your sundae is what makes you one of a kind – it is the vibrant and irresistible characteristic which makes an employer say “We need that graduate on our team!”  Before you submit a cover letter or attend an interview, ask yourself what’s the cherry on top of my sundae? Think of three key messages to sell employers which will make you memorable and desirable.

When drafting your key messages avoid the banality of sameness, be authentic and personable. Forget ordinary statements such as “I am hard-working” or “I have strong communication skills”, draft three unique statements which are bold and creative.

It is important to keep your prospective employer in mind, check out their website and social media platforms, grasp their tone and ask yourself what makes you a good fit for their organisation. Don’t tell them what they can do for you – sell them on what you can offer them.

Discovering three amazing qualities specific to you is not an overnight activity – it is a journey of discovery which takes self-awareness and confidence. If you are struggling, talk about your key messages with family and friends or create an inspirational Pinterest board with motivational quotes and imagery which appeals to you.

Well there you have it, an insiders scoop to landing your dream job – study hard, work hard and embrace what makes you an individual, good luck in your job search!

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