What’s going on fair weather Sydneysiders?  Suddenly, the parties are few and far between, the BBQ’s are being replaced by DVD marathons and the sandals appear to have been firmly kicked off in favour of boots. I have to say, I am not impressed (not merely for the fact I have to purchase an entirely new wardrobe of clothes).

As such, I’ve decided to highlight the positives of wintertime in a bid to coax you out of your house and make you appreciate this change of season.

1. Winter in Sydney is not really winter. Think about poor Brits shivering outside bars and nightclubs in the snow – the Sydney fashionista’s love of slinky short dresses is NOT an option on these sorts of occasions (unless accessorised with wellington boots and thick granny tights) In short, Sydney: 1, Great Britain: 0

2. The Alpine Winter Festival arrives in Oz! Who would have thought you could Ice-skate on Bondi beach?! Head along to Bondi from the 30th June, where the iconic beach is transformed into a winter wonderland complete with Bavarian tunes and a Chai Latte Lodge for cosy catch ups with friends! For more info and venues for the Winter Festival, go to their website: http://www.winterfestival.com.au/bondi.html

3. Christmas in July – What’s not to love about two Christmases a year? Buy fake snow, hang up your stocking and hope that Santa visits! If he doesn’t, buy yourself something nice…because you’re worth it! J

4. You can wear cool European fashion trends. Now the weather’s cooler, you can get ‘the London look’, with knee high boots, skinny jeans and a fur Gilet – tres chic!

5. Bikini season’s over! Nevertheless, just because your bikini’s gone into hiding, doesn’t mean you should stop your fitness regime. Whether you take a brisk walk during your lunch hour or take up tennis (the French Open’s inspired me), get out into the fresh air and have fun!

6. Mary Poppins has flown into Sydney! Mary Poppins the Musical is on at the Capitol Theatre until the 22nd October – grab a ticket, get dolled up and go for a girly night out with friends – it’s a must-see! http://www.ticketmaster.com.au/Mary-Poppins-tickets/artist/1320016

So, use this winter to kick start a new routine. It’s all too easy to get in to habits, so shake things up a bit, find out if there are any events going on in your area, and make the most of Sydney all year round!

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