As PR professionals, our job is to come up with creative methods to achieve cut-through in a cluttered space where we often find ourselves scrambling for attention and shouting over the top of other well intentioned communications professionals, who are also fighting for a piece of the editorial pie.

The cleverly designed press kit can be the golden ray of light in what can sometimes be a dark and monotonous drone of press releases and fact sheets and might just be the difference between getting your piece published or not.

Getaway hampers with hammocks and reef oil, miniature gardening tools, plastic handcuffs, cosmetics laden with plastic grapes, miniature bamboo plants, vibrators and even hand delivered lunches – you name it, we’ve sent it!

It’s a great tactic that allows journalists to touch and feel the personality of the brand in a new and creative way, creating a break in the endless stream of conventional communication. Like it or not PR agencies often provide the source of talent and information that we read in our favourite magazines and papers or hear and see on radio or TV every day. Journalists are increasingly open to the PR pitch, so why not think outside the usual A4 box and take steps to make it more interesting for them and ensure your release doesn’t just end up in the deleted folder?

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