Since landing the position, many friends and family members have commented saying things like – “you are SO lucky,” or “how did you manage to get that – you’re still at uni!” or, my personal favourite, “are you kidding me?!”  No, I’m not kidding you – I did manage to snag myself a Junior PR Executive position at one of the best PR companies in Australia.

However, don’t for a second think that this is something that was handed to me on a silver platter… no, no, no!  Getting a job in such a competitive industry took hard work and dedication.

Below is some advice for students or graduates that are looking to build their resume with essential interning opportunities.

I know that being an intern can be quite a daunting experience – you are working with people who have years of experience in the business and throw abbreviations like ‘EAV’s,’ and ‘AR’s’ around like it’s nobody’s business. But don’t let that throw you off – everyone had to start somewhere!

The interview;


  • Dress appropriately
  • Arrive 5 minutes early
  • Research the company – know when they began, what they do, who their clients are and why you want to work for them
  • Breathe!
  • Be on time
  • Be polite
  • Keep the conversation casual
  • Wear makeup (for females)


  • Be late
  • Wear a t-shirt and jeans
  • Pretend you know about the company if you don’t
  • Go out the night before

While you are an intern;


  • Dress neat and tidy
  • Wear make up
  • Show up on time
  • Finish all tasks assigned to you
  • Ask questions
  • Offer to help at events
  • Share ideas
  • Let the manager know you would like to know about any jobs that may come up within the company
  • Treat interning like your job – just because you are an intern, doesn’t mean you don’t have to work as hard as everyone else!
  • Offer to help out when you have nothing to do
  • Be a sponge – soak up all the information you can get!


  • Think you are just an intern and no one will notice you – if you work hard enough, you will be recognised
  • Be late
  • Call in sick, unless you really are sick
  • Say you can’t do a task you have been given – ask someone to help
  • Sit at your desk looking bored

These may all seem like obvious things to do, but believe me I have heard of people who have turned up to internships in ripped jeans and singlets, or smelling of alcohol from the night before – not good!

Ultimately, being an intern is something that can be taken two ways – as something that looks good on your resume OR as the first step to the beginning of your career.

Good luck!

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