The dream job seemed so far out of reach. I had lost hope of hearing a ‘yes’ and also lost the confidence in my abilities (sad I know) and then I moved to Brisbane. The move to the big smoke – from a small country town in NSW, although daunting at first, sparked a whole new enthusiasm for getting a job. It was a fresh start, equipped with new agencies to harass with my resume.


The Red PR Group had been on my radar long before the move, but like most others it too seemed out of reach. I Googled their work, studied their website and stalked their social media channels (creepy huh?!) and then finally, I stumbled across Red University. Red University, an initiative of The Red PR Group, was a half day intensive workshop targeting students looking to enter the workforce. Hesitant at first, I wondered what Red University could teach me in five hours that years at university and multiple internships hadn’t?! But optimistic I went along. This move changed my career. The information presented at Red University was invaluable – finally students and recent graduates were given a real insight (without the sugar coating) into the PR industry. Ranging from simple tips on how to write a resume and create your personal brand, to rules of approaching journalists and making the perfect pitch- I was blown away by the abundance of relevant information. The best aspect of the day was the ability to network, not only with other students but also with real-life PR executives and communication specialists. The opportunity to meet and chat with Fleur Madden, Managing Director of The Red PR Group and hear from a live media panel was excitement enough. But, it gets better.


Within one week of attending Red University, I sat sweaty-palmed in the boardroom at Red PR waiting nervously for an interview. The following week I was delighted (ok that’s a slight understatement… amazed / excited / overwhelmed / couldn’t believe my ears) when I was offered a junior role. As one of Australia’s leading lifestyle and consumer PR agencies – I had secured my long awaited dream job. Now don’t get ahead of yourselves, this blog isn’t to say if you go to Red University you too will get a job with The Red PR Group (not everyone can be so lucky)… but I guarantee you, will be one step closer to securing your dream job. So, here are my tips for university students and graduates: start taking risks, be persistent, get noticed and all of your hard work will pay off! The dream job does exist and it’s waiting just for you.   Maddison Grey Junior PR Executive

15 Years of Fame