This week, the streets of Sydney have been decorated and the Christmas tree in Martin Place has been unveiled. For some of us, these decorations that light up the city bring a gentle reminder that there are many gifts to start thinking about.

Each year I find myself in the quest to buy the perfect gift for those that I love. I spend hours deliberating over what they would need, want, enjoy, already have and don’t have…. the list goes on. Admittedly, I end up overwhelmed by the shiny latest, greatest, must haves resulting in a last minute panic. This state of panic always comes with a high price tag and has seen me purchase unwanted gifts year after year. We’ve all been there!

One of our clients at Blue by Red PR, the Suncorp Group, is alleviating the anxiety that comes with giving the perfect gift for the office Secret Santa. Suncorp Group have launched an initiative for their employees called ‘Brighter Christmas Giving’, as part of their ever inspiring Brighter Futures program which is dedicated to helping those in need.

In lieu of exceeding the customary $15  Secret Santa limit and purchasing a traditional movie ticket, coffee cup, or unwanted gift, Suncorp Group employees are being encouraged to participate in Brighter Christmas Giving, and support those who are in need by donating to a chosen charity. This is a fantastic concept that has revived the true meaning of Christmas, and reminds us all what the festive season should be about.

So this year when you ponder the questions about what constitutes the perfect gift for your loved ones, think about ‘Brighter Christmas Giving’ and if there is somebody out there who perhaps needs that gift just that little bit more.

Help those who are in need this festive season and enjoy give the gift of giving!

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