While I could sit here writing a blog post about the sleeping habits of my four cats, I think that my history with Twitter and the tips I have learnt along the way would be a far more interesting topic.

Simply put, Twitter has been fundamental in my professional and personal growth particularly in the past year. From the people I have met to the competitions I have won (like a fashion night with Alex Perry!) to the very job I am in today in a Brisbane PR agency, Twitter has played a major role.

YES you did read that correctly, I have Twitter to thank for introducing me to Red PR’s Managing Director Fleur Madden. I’m not sure if it was my savvy-social media addiction or the fact that I literally Twitter-stalked Fleur, but the Red PR door was opened to me for an internship….and well, the rest they say is history.

So the big question I am here today to answer is: with millions of users involved in this social networking service, how do you make sure you stand out? For me personally, these five tips were instrumental in helping me go from a crazy-cat-lady to a crazy-cat-lady-with-a-bright-future-in-PR:

1. PR yourself, duh!

From your Twitter ID to every tweet you post, make sure it stays true to who you are. Think of it like you are building your own personal brand. Start simply with having your ID as your name (or as close to as possible) so you are easily searchable and recognisable. Secondly, don’t be afraid to tweet for fear of what others will think, even if that involves your quirky sense of humor. For me, if there is one thing that resonates strongly it’s that there are others out there who also enjoy watching a dog push a cat around in a toy car like I do. Finally, keep in mind that just like a book’s cover, your Twitter profile is usually what others will see first.

2. Get involved

I cannot stress this one enough. Don’t just follow people and sit back; jump into conversations, re-tweet if you find something funny or interesting and if someone tweets to you, don’t forget the manners you were taught growing up: tweet back! You don’t make friends or successfully network by sitting alone in a corner with your arms crossed, so why do it on Twitter?

3. Search for people

Depending on your reasons for using Twitter, you can hone in on those you want to follow. While I am a die-hard celebrity gossip fan (Brangelina got engaged!!), I only follow a handful of celebrities. Instead I regularly take the time to search for people who are in similar industries to me (PR, Journalism, media, etc), and also those who have similar interests (cats, interiors, fashion, cats, cats, cats, cats).

4. Don’t be afraid to ask

Like teenagers these days, Twitter seems to have a lingo all of its own and sometimes it can seem a bit alien. However, I can personally vouch for the Twitter community and say that people are more than willing to answer your queries. So if you find that you are mentioned in a tweet that ends in ‘#ff’, don’t be afraid to ask what that hash tag means. I can guarantee it won’t be long before one (or possibly ten) people will reply and let you know that you are someone’s Friday recommendation to follow! Well done!

5. Happy Tweeting!

Really, this isn’t a fifth tip but I just wanted to give you one final cheer before you start or continue your own Twitter journey.

Oh, and once you start twitterin’ don’t forget to tweet hello to Red PR, Blue by Red PR and of course me!

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