Gone are the days of simply creating a Facebook page and posting a reactive mish-mash of content knowing that your audience will see your latest offering to the world. A successful social media strategy now has to entice users with a creative, unique, engaging mix of brand and lifestyle content.

It’s becoming increasingly important for brands to create unique content with personality in order to reach their audience and create genuine and engaged fans. Couple this with a healthy spend on   Facebook Advertising and you’ll see some pretty fabulous results.

Designer accessories label Mooi came to The Red Republic with the desire to develop their brand personality on Facebook, as well as build and engage an Instagram audience, with an end goal of increasing website traffic and revenue.

After auditing brands with similar product offerings we devised a strategy that would set Mooi apart from its competitors and present it as the fresh, fashionable label that it is. By combining unique street style images, aspirational lifestyle content and a healthy mix of product promotion we have successfully grown both platforms, as well as increased engagement by upwards of 450%.

Mooi 1

Mooi 2

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To drive Instagram followers by 550% in the space of seven weeks we implemented a ‘regram to win’ competition. This allowed us to reach the followers of our existing fans, as well as organically grow our audience. Similarly, we ran a Facebook competition which encouraged users to share entries with friends, driving organic engagement meant our reach was increased dramatically. Following this, Facebook became the single biggest driver to the Mooi Ecommerce website.

Coupling our growth strategy with unique images and content has enabled us to create a distinctive brand personality that connects with Mooi’s target audience and directly contributes to the market share of the company.

Check out Mooi for yourself on Facebook or Instagram.

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