We have designed product cards and a DL flyer for a new makeup brand; website skins and marketing materials for a new online store; a Facebook App, video and a blog for a Government run community awareness program, and promotional items for a FMCG brand. We’ve designed landing pages and display ads for a Google campaign for a Tile company and two electronic invites for media famils; a brochure for a major property development and finally a new brand including a full suite of marketing materials for a new massage business. Phew! It’s been a busy time and we have loved it.

As you can imagine, we need to be multi-talented to deliver such a complex range of creative outcomes. We also understand our clients often need their communications materials ‘yesterday’ and so pull out all the stops to get the design work done, on time and within budget.

Increasingly clients are looking for a one stop shop, a single point of contact for PR, marketing and social media management. The graphic design is the glue in the middle, providing the materials and digital assets across all platforms. Communication strategies are becoming increasingly complex as boundaries between mass media and digital media converge. The key to achieving a business outcome and constituency across all these platforms is a dogmatic commitment to maintain the integrity of our clients’ brand.

So what does brand integrity mean? There are three key aspects:

  1. Your desired brand image and key messages are reflected in all your communications materials both on- and off- line.
  2. What you say about who you are as a business is aligned with what your customers and prospects say about your business.
  3. All your employees are completely aligned in their understanding of what the company stands for and what the brand can deliver for its customers.

The place to start is a brand and communications audit – check if your brand has integrity; if it’s consistent across all platforms and if it’s is delivering accurate messaging.


By Jane Toohey

15 Years of Fame