No, I’m not a couch surfer, nor do I live with my parents, I just pay inordinate amounts of money, every month, to other people, to live in their houses…otherwise known as renting.

There’s nothing wrong with renting, and I know that I am by no means alone in doing it, in fact, from the most recent ABS figures, nearly a quarter of the Australian population are renting. The problem is, someone should be telling this to my nesting instinct, because quite frankly it is getting desperate.

Working with our client BELISE, a fantastic new apartment development in Fortitude Valley, has certainly not made it any easier. Doing the PR for property clients is tough going – I mean, all that research looking through every property section of every newspaper and magazine and drooling over some seriously spectacular homes.

So it’s understandable that my nesting instinct thinks that I have reached a point where a house is about to become a home. Unfortunately the stars have not yet aligned in my property sector, there are still at least a couple of years before I can indulge my deepest nesting fantasies.

Of course, my nesting instinct isn’t listening to that, it’s busy looking through every home magazine it can lay its hands on, or casually browsing for the suburbs it secretly dreams of being a part of.

The really evil part of renting is that every day it gives you a tantalising taste of the power you could have if the house were truly your own. It’s like a treat dangling just out of your reach, teasing you with its charms.

I know it’s all in my head, and that deep down I should just consider myself lucky to have a home at all, when many have to go without, or share them with grotty roommates, which can sometimes seem worse.

I also know that a home is out there waiting for me to put my very own touches on, a place that will be mine, and yes it could be years away. So what I need to do now is make peace with my nesting instinct, let it know I feel its pain, but that it needs to wait its turn, and make the very best it can with its current, temporary home.

Just please, don’t buy me any more housing magazines, or I take no responsibility for what might happen…

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